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Answer these few questions.  If you have problems answering all of the them correctly the you need PromoVeritas. For clues see the Codes and Law.

1. You get over 50,000 entries to your competition. Do you :

A. Put all the entries in a sack and pull the winners out.
B. Take the time and the money to read and sort every one even if it will cost a lot more.
C. Panic and claim there was a fire, which only your mother's entry survived.

Correct answer is B

A competition that requires skill and judgement must be judged individually. Winners cannot be picked at random, but in accordance with the terms and conditions which will state winner requirements, eg "the person who completes the tiebreaker in the most witty and appropriate way". B is therefore the only answer that does not have you receiving a legal case.

2. For your next Text & Win, or Instant Win, do you:

A. Leave it to the IT department to sort out how to select winners.
B. Conduct the draw from data entered whenever you feel like it.
C. Get the system you are using independently verified.

Correct answer is C

Computers are generally not deemed to be independent - they are only as good as the program they run. That is why companies such as Carling beer and Coca-Cola have used PromoVeritas to verify and secure their Text & Win promotions.

3. Who do you get to judge your competition tiebreakers?:

 A. The account executive from the sales promotion agency.
 B. The Chairman of your company.
 C. A truly independent service such as PromoVeritas.

Correct answer is C

Section 35.9 of the British Code of Advertising and Sales Promotion requires the appointment of an independent judge if winning is open to subjective interpretation - as with a slogan or tie breaker. So only C - the use of someone totally independent, such as PromoVeritas - would be acceptable. A & B would be a breach of the code.

4. Your Prize Draw has one prize, but consumers can enter by post, email, or text. How do you select the winner? Do you :

A. Get all the postcards and pull one out, ignoring those who opted for other routes including the ‘No Purchase Necessary’ option.
B. Print off all the emails and texts, and add them to the postcards.
 C. Do neither, and award yourself the prize!

Correct answer is B

According to section 35.9 of the Code, B is correct, but C was how one alcoholic drinks company responded recently!

5. You have 25 prizes to issue for your Instant Win promotion. Do you:

A. Get the Factory Manager to insert them all in the first day's production.
 B. Distribute 20 yourself across the production, and keep 5 back in case anyone wins via the 'No Purchase Necessary' route.
 C. Call in the experts to fairly and randomly seed all the packs, help set up a 'No Purchase Necessary' route, and issue an Audit Certificate.

Correct answer is C

If the pack says "25 Prizes to be won" then 25 prizes MUST be distributed at random across the production run, with extra provision made in case of winners via the NPN route. We'll ensure your promotion meets all code requirements, and is validated with an Audit Certificate.

6. You get 1000 'No Purchase Necessary' entries for your latest Instant Win promotion with 10 prizes. What do you do?:

A. Take 2 winning packs out of the run and allocate them randomly to those entering via NPN.
 B. Ensure that you apply the same chance of winning to NPNs as per the main production run, even if this may result in more prizes being awarded to non-paying entrants.
 C. Ignore those entering via the NPN route - after all they failed to even purchase the product.

Correct answer is B

Many mistakes are made in the running of NPN routes - but instant win prizes must be distributed at random, so knowingly pulling winning packs off the main production for NPN is not allowed - seek expert advice.