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Case Studies

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Our Clients

Over the last 10 years we have worked with a wide range of clients across most sectors. But all of our clients have one thing in common : the desire to ensure compliance with the laws and industry Codes whilst providing security and integrity for their marketing activities and reassurance to their consumers.

Client type

Promoters directly - we are engaged to advise and support the client with the successful delivery of their activities. This might involve close working with their agencies, drafting of terms & conditions, and finally winner selection. Some clients retain our service to provide an “on-demand” advice service across their brand portfolios, for others it is project based, verifying individual in-store or on-pack promotions.

Promotions Agencies - we help to protect their reputations by reviewing concepts at an early stage for feasibility and then ensuring their successful implementation at the back end. Our low cost structures enable agency staff to focus on what they do best, whilst still ensuring that all is secure.

Advertising Agencies – are often infrequent users of promotional techniques, so we can advise them on what works and does not, plus all the standard aspects of terms & condition drafting and back end delivery.

Broadcasters – the need to satisfy Ofcom and PP+ licence regulations requires specialist skills. For several broadcasters we have overseen Call TV shows, pre-checked questions, reviewed internal systems and audited their technology partners to ensure accurate voting or entry recording. For others, including the BBC, we have overseen live voting shows.

Technology suppliers – eg texting companies, from whom we receive entry data and conduct independent draws, either ad hoc, or using our special PromoVeritas automated remote draw engine for frequent activities, eg “win a prize every hour...” It reduces their risk / exposure and ensures that they meet the requirements for independent winner selection.

Handling Houses – an area of growth due to the change in the definition of who is independent. We are able to add to the integrity of their activities and frequently are used to conduct “outsourced” draws and winner selections.

European Experience

Running promotions across Europe is fraught with difficulties due to a diversity of local laws. PromoVeritas can help you to refine the concept, drafting local language terms and conditions and sorting out any necessary authorisations or taxes via our network of local country legal experts.

Sector Experience

We have worked across most product areas and sectors, from telephony to tampons, from cereals to cat food, from TV Game shows to radio competitions, from ice cream to petrol.  Recent Client projects include those for Pernod Ricard, BBC, Unilever, Nestle, Kraft, TomTom, GSK, American Express, Asda and TKMaxx.

For confidentiality reasons we are not always able to reveal details of our clients or their projects.