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Instant Win

Independent supervision of the process from print to factory distribution and winner verification

"Look under the ring pull"......."listen for the sound" ......”scratch here”...... "text this code” or “go to our website, enter this code and see what you have won”........

All of these are forms of popular promotions – but only one of these is certain to be allowed to be called an instant win ! To be so called, the consumer must know immediately that they have won and what they have won. So anything involving codes and a second stage entry (text or web etc) is not technically an instant win.

However all of these techniques involve the distribution of a fixed number of prize winning packs and with large sums of prize money involved, the risks are high. There have been many cases of promotional disasters from the famous Pepsi in the Phillipines (consumers confused manufacturing codes with promotional codes and the activity was so hugely over redeemed riots occurred) to KitKat’s Big Brother promotion (failure to have a fair and independently supervised winner distribution).

By working with PromoVeritas, you can ensure that :

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