Promo Veritas - we help promoters sleep at night.


We will provide an independent review of your questions, terms & conditions and judge your tiebreakers.

We seek to ensure that your competitions will conform in both design and implementation to the Law, media regulations and the CAP Code.

For example under the Gambling Act, to avoid legal issues, a competition needs to have a level of skill or judgement that will either put off a significant proportion of the potential audience from entering, OR of those that do, ensure that a significant proportion are losers. We can advise on a case by case basis.

In addition, under the CAP Code there must be at least one person on every competition judging panel who is independent and they need to be competent in the relevant field to be judged.

But just who is independent? According to CAP, independent “should exclude anyone who either had a contractual relationship with the promoter or worked for a company that had a contractual relationship with the promoter. This definition would not exclude people or companies paid a fee to act as independent observers provided they could demonstrate their independence.”

This role is one that PromoVeritas was created to fulfil, with efficiency, cost-effectiveness and professionalism.


We can provide independent judges to assist in the selection of the winners from all forms of prize draw and skill/judgement competitions, from photo contests to tiebreaker sentences,