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Case Study-

Visa 'VIP Weekend'

PromoVeritas work alongside Inferno to ensure the success of Visa's fantastic promotion


The weekend of the 6th and 7th of December 2008 saw Oxford Street and Regent Street in London transformed into a pedestrian paradise and a shopping festival. Sponsored by VISA, there was also a very special promotion: Buy anything (over £5) from any shop in the area with your Visa card, text in, and you are guaranteed a reward of either £1, £10, £100 or even 1000.


Our Role:

We were brought in by the commissioning agency, Inferno, for the following :

The promotion was a success, with no consumer or other issues, and variations on the format are now being planned for use elsewhere in the UK – again involving the team at PromoVeritas.

PromoVeritas provided invaluable and responsive information to our client as to how best to implement the promotion, and validated the entire project through our rigorous auditing process, providing comprehensive promotional protection to Visa.