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June 2011 : Several prosecutions completed under the Consumer Protections Regulations


March 2011 : ASA Remit Now extends to Corporate Website


The IPM Seal for Sales Promotions



The Institute of Promotional Marketing Seal of Approval scheme is for promoters seeking to provide a visible reassurance to customers. The scheme will see the ISP Seal awarded to participating promotions deemed within keeping of the CAP Code and ASA regulations, and as part of the requirements promoters will need to prove their promotion has been independently verified. PromoVeritas were one of a handful of ISP member organisations to be recommended as a preferred supplier for those hoping to qualify for the ISP Seal, reinforcing the importance of having YOUR promotion verified by the people who help the most promoters sleep at night.

March 2009 : PromoVeritas Gains ISO9001 Approval

PromoVeritas are proud to announce that the company is now ISO9001 certified. Awarded as the result of an independent audit it confirms our adherence to the high operational and reporting standards of the scheme.

This means our clients can rest easy knowing that under PromoVeritas not only is your promotion 100% compliant and independently verified, but our own quality management systems and business processes have been independently certified. That's because at PromoVeritas we take great pride and care in our role, and seek to provide an unrivalled service that won’t let you down if and when you need it most.

Feb 2009 : Poor Attention to Detail lets the industry down says ASA Report

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have recently published the results of a major survey undertaken in 2008 to

determine the rate of compliance of sales promotions to the British Code of Advertising & Sales Promotion Practice

(CAP). The Sales Promotion Compliance survey revealed that although 96% of on-pack terms and conditions and

promotional content appeared to comply with the codes this fell to a “disappointing compliance rate” of 68% for the

administration of these promotions. This means that a third of promotions reviewed did not meet the standards laid

down by the Code for their back-end promotional operations. Most breaches resulted from advertisers failing to

demonstrate that a reasonable estimate had been made to fulfil demand for a promotion and prize draws that had

not been conducted under the supervision of an independent observer.” Furthermore the inability to provide evidence

that winner selection was entirely a matter of chance for prize draws was the administrative downfall of many promoters.


This suggests that despite the high profile failings suffered by companies such as ITV, BBC and GCap Radio, a third

of companies are still running their promotions without independent verification or winner selection. The damage done

to these major brands, as well as the loss of public trust in the promotional sector, has been well documented and

impacts on all within the promotions industry. News of these results will not come as a surprise to many, there are plenty

of stories of names originally selected as winners being rejected because they were too old / young for the brand image,

or living too far away from an airport or otherwise being eliminated on the whim of a brand manager or agency member.


Jeremy Stern, Managing Director of PromoVeritas, suggests that these problems are easy to fix: “Companies must

realise that even if a great creative idea has legally approved terms & conditions, if the back end is unsupervised or

weak then it is still a potential liability. A small amount of effort, and budget, spent on getting winner selection and instant

wins independently verified, can avoid regulatory and Code issues and help to rebuild consumer confidence

and participation. Having a third of promotions fail in their administration and primarily their use of independent

winner selection is just a basic and simple error that can be easily corrected with the right advice.”


Marketing Budgets are Slashed across all industries- Added January 2009

According to the Q4 2008 Bellwether report, 75% of companies believe that their financial prospects are looking bad for 2009 and marketting budgets are being revised down to the greatest extent ever recorded in the survey's nine years of existence. Hardest hit are budgets for main media and also PR, events, sponsorship and Market Research.  Budgets for sales promotions show some stability as brands recognise their ability to directly influence sales and the fact that they are highly measurable.

New Offices, New People and New Growth - added Sept 2008

Compliance is increasing in importance and we are reflecting the growth in the need for our services with appropriate expansion. We now have new offices near Harrow, North London, new systems and two new Account Managers : Lizz Topp and Kalpesh Parmar, enabling us to better serve our clients and their projects. will focus on working with agencies, will deal with clients direct.

First Job Down Under - added Sept 2008

Although we have run many projects abroad, we have never worked beyond the borders of Europe. Well that has changed with a major project for Jacob's Creek wine. Their latest promotion involves on pack collars - those offering the top prizes have all been hand seeded by PromoVeritas at the bottling plant near Adelaide.

BBC entrusts its first Premium Rate Competition in 12 months to PromoVeritas - Sept 2008

To support the Children in Need appeal, the BBC are offering 100 lucky winners the chance to tour the Cardiff set of the hugely popular Dr Who series. PromoVeritas were appointed to provide independent oversight : terms and conditions, pricing and the winner selection. We are also providing ongoing independent support and verification for the popular BBC Goal of The Month award.

Chevrolet Unite Europe in a massive Prize Draw supported by PromoVeritas

Who do you talk to if you want to run virtually identical prize draw promotions in 11 European countries ? The answer is PromoVeritas who are now overseeing a massive campaign from Portugal to Czech Republic, Spain to Belgium. And the top prizes in each country - three cars for the winner. Yes, all three to the one person !

Unilever's Magnum Picks PromoVeritas to do the Picking - added July 2008

Magnum icecream are offering amazing holiday prizes during the summer. Buy a Magnum, then text or web enter the unique code found on the stick and if your entry is received the nearest to one of the times that we have selected each day, then you are the winner.

The Unfair Trading Regulations Act-  May 2008

This new law seeks to provide a modern, simplified consumer framework, replacing lots of older laws, and being common across Europe. Promoters will most likely be formally responsible, but agencies will normally also be liable under their contracts of service with clients . The Act bans “practices which are contrary to the requirements of professional diligence”, those that are misleading or aggressive plus 31 specified practices are banned under all circumstances.


Eurovision Song Contest overseen by PromoVeritas  - Added 12th May 2008

PromoVeritas were privileged to have been selected by the BBC to act as the independent auditors for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest that took place on 22nd and 24th May 2008. Our role was to supervise the live phone vote and a back up jury vote for both the semi-final and the Final. Although final votes may not have been what the UK public wanted, at least everything went well from an operational point of view. This builds on several other projects completed for the BBC including the 2007 Sports Personality of The Year Award.

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