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The Campaign For Promotional Independence


We at PromoVeritas are driven by the principle of fairness and transparency.

That may not seem too unusual, after all we live in a fair society don’t we? Well that’s what we thought too, however 2007 and 2008 have seen a number of promotional disasters involving trusted corporations and brands, such as the BBC, Blue Peter, ITV, GMTV, GCap / Capital Radio and Kit-Kat ignoring, flouting or otherwise breaking the rules. But how did these companies make such blatant mistakes – rigging votes, prize draws and competitions? The answer is because no-one verified them.This is where the Campaign for Promotional Independence comes in! Under the ASA / CAP Codes, companies running promotions are required to operate under independent supervision.  

Independent verification can ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning, and that prizes are distributed correctly and fairly. Join our fight to bring justice and fair-play to all types of promotional activity, from Instant Wins to Competitions and Prize Draws, and make sure your company complies with the ASA and CAP Codes of Conduct by employing the services of an independent verification service such as PromoVeritas.   



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